Poly Valve Pits, Poly Valve Covers

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POLY Pits + Covers

Poly Valve Covers

Designed for easy and safe installation, these poly valve covers come standard with a tamper-proof security fastener to prevent unauthorised access. Conical in shape they stack onto pallets efficiently – less freight bulk to site.

Tens of thousands of these poly valve pits have been installed in major pipelines in South Eastern Australia. They are a common sight along rural highways protecting air and isolation valves. They are also commonly referred to as valve boxes or poly pits.


Lockable Valve Boxes

Poly valve covers are designed to be lockable to prevent valve tampering. Designed to stack easily, means less freight bulk to site and onsite.

Thousands of poly valve pits have been installed in major irrigation pipelines in South Eastern Australia. They are a commonly installed along highways protecting irrigation pipeline air valves. 

Some long term satisfied customers using the Matrix Piping 'S400' and 'S700' lockable valve covers are; Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, Goulburn Murray Water, Mitchell Water, Lower Murray Water, Darling Irrigation, CHS Group, Renmark Irrigation Trust, Reece Plumbing, among others.

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