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  • Matrix Poly Weld Wipes

    Every poly welder knows that poly pipe must be bone dry before the Electrofusion weld is performed. Even the smallest amount of moisture left on the surface of poly pipe can cause a joint failure. For this reason Matrix Piping have moved away from traditional electrofusion welding wipes with 70% alcohol content and have now released their Matrix Poly Weld Wipes with 90% alcohol content. The higher concentration of alcohol provides stronger cleaning and faster drying, to further improve the poly welding experience. Three little tips for you, (a) give each wipe a quick 'flick' before using to remove excess moisture; (b) never reuse a wipe, and (c) make sure to always have a spare tub of Matrix Welding Wipes in your toolbox or vehicle.


    Detectable Warning TapePoly Electrofusion SocketElektra 315 Poly Electrofusion WelderPipe Roller 90-355mmRotary Pipe Scraper 75-315mm

Complete Poly Solutions

Full spectrum poly piping solutions — that is the Matrix™ promise. We encompass every aspect of the installation. As a long-standing family business in the poly piping industry, we are big on unshakeable ethics and customer service.

Expert advice

You can trust Matrix Piping, because our strong business ethics are at the core of our service. Originally trading as Advanced Piping Systems for nearly 25 years, our business has evolved to offer a complete “Matrix of services in Poly Pipes

Poly prefabrication

Prefabricated Polyethylene Pipes are a very cost effective method of pipeline construction, especially where dimensions are tight and critical. Matrix Piping specialise in custom prefabrication of poly pipework, including flanged spools and manifold assemblies from 25mm up to 1200mm diameter. 

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