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Civil Construction

Reducing Civil downtime with HDPE Pipes

Getting Poly pipe into the ground nowadays can prove an operational challenge. New demands for comprehensive weld traceability and Watermark Certification for fittings require new solutions. Reliable access to Poly Electrofusion and Poly Pipe Fittings stock with both Australian and International Certification ensures our clients can answer quality queries with confidence. Data logging proving difficult? Our range of Ritmo Electrofusion and HDPE Pipe welding equipment can be easily optioned to include weld parameter logging including GPS traceability which is simply downloaded to a USB in pdf format on job completion – the simplicity you need.

Every Matrix Piping Civil client is unique — and so is every Matrix HDPE Piping solution. What always remains the same is our full commitment to quality and service.

Experience the Matrix Piping difference by contacting our friendly staff now!

Poly Pipe being used in civil project

Civil HDPE Poly Piping Suppliers

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Poly Pressure Systems
Fabricated Poly pipe and Manifolds
Fabricated Fittings + Manifolds
Poly Welding Machines
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