New Brand

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our new brand — Matrix Piping Systems.

Yes, our focus has grown and we have changed our brand to fit. Previously Advanced Piping Systems (Vic), our new identity has been created to better represent our End-to-End Poly Piping solution capabilities.

25 years of industry experience has taught us this - exceptional Poly Piping solutions depend on a full matrix of capabilities to support the installation of the piping systems offered.

Matrix Piping Systems is not about changing who we are. It’s about expressing how we have grown and evolved to provide much more than piping products. Our capabilities have grown beyond poly pipe system supply to include specialist training, custom pre-fabrication and Poly welding equipment.

Our name and branding has changed, but we are still us! Family ownership of the business and 25 years of Poly piping systems experience remains the same. Thank you for partnering in our success so far, we hope we’ve played a part in yours as well. Still curious as to why we’ve made this change? Keep browsing to find out more about what we’re about and who we are now.