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Aquaculture HDPE Piping

Aquaculture FishWith the steady expansion of the aquaculture industry in Australia, suitable methods for supply of water and transfer of live seafood between processes and storage's, are becoming more and more sought after. This is where HDPE Pipe comes into play.

HDPE pipes, also referred to as Poly pipes, are increasingly commonly used for these applications, due to their ability to withstand movement, temperature and various salinity and acidity levels. HDPE piping is now the preferred material not only for supply and return lines, but also for transfer of livestock between storage's, due to the consistent and smooth internal surfaces, keeping damage to the fish to an absolute minimum and keeping energy expenses to a minimum, thereby improving yields and profits.

HDPE Aquaculture TeesWith the ability to fabricate virtually any design or arrangement of pipes, Matrix Piping have over 25 years experience to offer in terms of our understanding of HDPE Pipe in it application to aquaculture. To put it simply, we know the do's and dont's and we put our efforts into making your projects an ongoing profitable success.

Some examples of projects that we have successfully pre-fabricated and supplied:

Barramundi farm, Victoria

Abalone farm, Victoria

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