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Polyethylene Pipe & Fittings

Updated: 14th February 2017

In Australia, polyethylene pipe and fittings are manufactured from PE100 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. Polyethylene is a very durable material and is not prone to be brittle or crack. It has outstanding UV, chemical and environmental stress resistance and has been extensively used in a huge range of piping applications for over 35 years.

The benefits of Polyethylene piping are many, making it the perfect choice polyethylene pipe weldingfor all of your underground piping projects. One of the benefits of polyethylene piping is the ability for it to be welded at 100% of pipe strength. So strong is the weld, that in destructive testing, the pipe either side of the weld will let go before the weld itself does. The bead of a butt weld can be removed both internally and externally, allowing for easy installation in trenchless boring methods, and to minimise internal flow disruption. 

Being used commonly today for applications in aquaculture, mining, plumbing, civil, irrigation and marine, polyethylene piping is not only a proven and reliable option, it is now viewed internationally as the benchmark product of choice. It is easy and clean to weld, especially when compared with metal welding. Methods for joining are numerous, giving operators a choice to match budgets, site and/or time constraints.

There are a few different types of polyethylene pipe fittings, namely Electrofusion, Short Spigot, Long Spigot, Compression and Mechanical. Electrofusion is a welded system, as is short spigot and long spigot. Compression and other Mechanical Fittings are a manual type of connection that utilises a rubber seal and a tightening restraint to seal the joint. They have the advantage of not requiring power to install, however they're prone to leaking and more difficult to install.

The outstanding wear characteristics of polyethylene pipe and fittings has led polyethylene pipe fittingsmany quarries and mines to utilise this system for slurry pumping, giving extended life time benefits. Factory pre-flanged 12 metre polyethylene pipe lengths are available made to order to enable site rotation of the pipes at regular intervals, adding even more valuable time for return on investment by utilising maximum pipe life.

Polyethylene Pipes are the Product of choice!

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