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Stub Flange and Backing Rings

Never failing to be the most popular method of connecting poly pipe to itself or to other materials, HDPE stub flanges and backing rings are the best way for making adaptions, creating rotation points, and maximising ease of site working conditions.

poly stub flange

The polyethylene stub flange provides the sealing surface, the backing ring provides the strength required to seal the surfaces under pressure.

backing ring

Bolts are used to pull the stub flange and backing rings toward to the sealing surface, the assembly looks like this.

stub flange and backing ring

Common material used for sealing the stub flange sealing face is natural rubber, however stock is also kept of fibre gaskets and EPDM materials.

rubber gasket

The beauty of flange connections in poly, different from other materials, is that the pipe can be rotated for final adjustments before full tension is applied. This is extremely beneficial when valves are not 100% aligned or when there is a change in direction in the pipeline and the pipe is skew, rotating the flange face provides the ability to adjust, keeping things level, neat and without tension.

assembled stub flange and ring pipe spool

Short spigot poly stubs are available off the shelf in both SDR17 and SDR11 in most sizes up to 900mm. Long spigot poly stubs are also available off the shelf in sizes up to 315mm diameter. If you require a special SDR rating, such as SDR13.6, SDR21 or SDR26, we offer machining services to provide the correct rating for your requirements.

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